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pg电子麻将胡了:报告题目: Main Clause Phenomena of Peripheral Functional Projections in Chinese (汉语左缘结构中的根句现象)


主讲人:Prof. Victor Pan (潘俊楠教授)




pg电子麻将胡了:A general hierarchy that orders functional projections in the periphery of Chinese is: AttP (Speaker’s attitude) > SQP (Special questions) > iForceP (illocutionary force) > OnlyP (Sentential exclusive focus) > S.AspP (sentential aspects) > TP… The hierarchy of these functional projections is determined by the “Subjectivity Scale Constraint” which functions at the syntax-discourse interface. Namely,

pg电子麻将胡了:(i) The higher a functional projection is, the more directly such a projection is linked to the speaker’s opinion;

pg电子麻将胡了:(ii) the more directly a functional projection is linked to the speaker’s opinion, the more subjective the interpretation of such a projection becomes;

pg电子麻将胡了:(iii) the more subjective the interpretation of a functional projection is, the more difficult it is for such a projection to be embedded.

pg电子麻将胡了:The Subjectivity Scale Constraint that I propose states that the higher a functional projection is, the more difficult it is for such a projection to be embedded. Two different types of embeddabilities are examined. Syntactic embeddability is to check if an element can appear syntactically in an embedded clause. For instance, discourse particles related to the speaker’s attitude can never occur in an embedded clause; therefore, they cannot be embedded syntactically. On the contrary, sentential aspect particles and the exclusive focus particles can appear in an embedded clause; thus, they can be embedded syntactically. Semantic embeddability is to check whether an embedded element has exactly the same interpretation or the same pragmatic function in an embedded clause as in a matrix clause. The embeddability test based on the Main Clause Phenomena (MCF) is an indirect argument in favor of the proposed hierarchy of the peripheral functional projections.  


pg电子麻将胡了:Bio Sketch

pg电子麻将胡了:Professor Victor Junnan Pan is a Junior Member of the Institut Universitaire de France (法兰西大学学院青年院士), an Associate Professor with tenure in theoretical linguistics at the University Paris 7, habilitated for PhD students supervision, and a research staff member affiliated in Laboratoire de Linguisitique Formelle. He also served as an executive committee member of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL) and of the European Association of Chinese Linguistics (EACL). Specializing in Generative Syntax, Prof. Pan’s research covers Chinese syntax, French syntax, syntax-semantic-discourse interfaces, etc. and the topics he investigated include interrogatives (wh-in-situ, wh-ex-situ), quantification in formal linguistics, information structure (topicalization, focalization), left-periphery, cartography, resumptivity and different types of A'-dependency. Prof. Pan has published journal articles, book chapters and five research monographs both in French and in English. His recent book Resumptivity in Mandarin Chinese: A Minimalist Account (Mouton De Gruyter, 2016) not only gives a thorough description of the distribution of resumptive dependencies in different contexts from a comparative perspective but also offers a theoretical account in the framework of the Minimalist Program, which improves the general understanding of resumptivity crosslinguistically. His forthcoming book The Architecture of Periphery in Chinese: Cartography and Minimalism (Routledge, 2018) provides a new perspective on the study of peripheral functional projections in Chinese.


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