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pg电子麻将胡了外文系:外文-世文薪火学术沙龙 第二十四期 探究大地上的风景:发现前-风景与后浪漫主义

时间:2018-03-19 14:06:30


pg电子麻将胡了:外文-世文薪火学术沙龙 第二十四期




pg电子麻将胡了:    如果借用梭罗的术语,风景是“第二自然”或者“次自然”,表达一种自然观。这种自然观认为我们的感官以一套审美的、或意识形态的、或传统的、或文化的方式把自然界看成前组织、前结构、格式化以及文本的风景。与风景再现不同,自然环境本身应该被称为“前-风景”,指没有经过语言描述的事物,无形无序。人们为了自身的目的要把空间变得有形有序从而创造了风景。因此,自然世界与人类知识或土地与风景之间的间隙就是我要讨论的问题。我的论述借用风景与前-风景或风景与大地二元对立观。

pg电子麻将胡了:    此讲通过阅读日美作品,讨论日本文学中的风景观,尤其是日本现代文学中的风景观:现代日本作家如何回应风景的观念。要解决与风景概念紧密相关或者源自风景概念的“前-风景”与“后浪漫主义”的历史与认识论问题,我们要采取日美文学比较的方法以便澄清风景观对现代作家而言意味着什么。我的主要关注点是日本或者美国作家如何处理和理解后浪漫主义风景观中特有的“前-风景”、“野性”或者“荒野”观。(使用语言:英语、日语)

Landscape is a “secondary nature” or “second nature,” if I borrow from Thoreau’s terminology, and it signifies a view of the natural world which is pre-organized, pre-structured, stylized, and textualized as landscape by our senses together with a set of aesthetics or ideology or tradition or culture incorporated into our gaze. Contrary to the landscape representation, the natural environment as it is should be called as “pre-landscape” which refers something unarticulated by language, a shapeless chaos from which “landscapes are created by men intent on ordering and shaping space for their own ends.” (John R. Stilgoe) Thus the gap between the natural world and human knowledge, or between land and landscape, is the problem to which my argument addresses by using the dichotomy of landscape/pre-landscape or landscape/land.

In this lecture I would like to discuss the idea of landscape in Japanese literature, specifically that in the modern literature in Japan: how modern Japanese writers responded to the idea of landscape, through reading several passages written by Japanese and American writers. Focusing on the historical and epistemological problems like “pre-landscape” and “post-Romanticism,” which are closely related to and derived from the concept of landscape, a comparative approach between Japanese literature and American literature will be taken to clarify what the idea of landscape means to the modern writers. My main concern is to observe how the writers, either in Japan and in the U.S, have been grappling with and reached to the idea of “pre-landscape” or that of “wildness” or “wilderness” which characterizes the post-Romantic landscape idea.

pg电子麻将胡了:主讲人:野田研一(Noda Kenichi)

    日本著名美国文学研究专家、立教大学名誉教授。1974年毕业于中央大学文学科,1978年毕业于立教大学大学院文学研究科英美文学专业,获硕士学位。历任札幌商科大学英文科、金泽大学教育学部副教授,2002年任立教大学大学院异文化交流研究科教授。1993年创立日本环境文学学会(ASLE-Japan)并任会长。创办《文学与环境》杂志。著有:《交感と表象 ネイチャーライティングとは何か》(松柏社 2003)、《自然を感じるこころ ネイチャーライティング入門》(ちくまプリマー新書 2007)、《失われるのは、ぼくらのほうだ 自然?沈黙?他者 (エコクリティシズム?コレクション)》(水声社 2016)等。另有多部著作被翻译成中文:《越境之地》(中国社会科学出版社 2014)、《自然和文学的对话》(中国社会科学出版社 2014)、《日本生态文学前沿理论研究》(中国社会科学出版社 2014)等。




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