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The Early Chomskyan Linguistics


The early generative linguistics is hereby referring to the period from Noam Chomsky’s first publication in 1953 to the end of the 1960s. Since at that time few others than Chomsky himself were active in developing transformational-generative theory, therefore, an analysis of the relation between early generative linguistics and structuralist linguistics which was prominent then, is largely a study of the development of Chomsky’s methodological practices, especially of how he has used corpus observation methods, native speaker intuitions, and the linguist’s own intuitions. Six phases are divided, (the division is to a large extent on my personal subjectivity, which maybe doubtful to some others): (i) the earliest publications 1953-1955 where the seeds of generative grammar already are to be seen, (ii) his 1955 dissertation which contains the basic outline of generative syntax but was not published until 1975, (iii) the important publications from 1956 leading to Syntactic Structures 1957 and almost immediate widespread international attention, (iv) work by Chomsky and others now joining him in the period 1958-1964, making the theory more mature and introducing the first comprehensive grammar fragments, ultimately leading to (v) Aspects of the Theory of Syntax (1965), the full-blown version of what came to be called the Standard Theory; and finally, (vi) the late 1960s when the generative community was split and generative semantics appeared. My focus in this overview is on syntax which has always been the central concern of generative linguistics.


文学博士(北京师范大学)。主要研究领域:句法学,语义学,英语教学。在国内外学术刊物发表论文多篇(《外语教学与研究》,《当代语言学》,Journal of East Asian Linguistics等),出版专著一部(《汉语量词辖域与逻辑式》2007年,北京:语文出版社),译著一种(《乔姆斯基》2010年,北京:北京大学出版社)。


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